The Historical Feast Society presents

Siam 1862

In search of the White Elephant

The good King Chao Fa Mongkut had received word of the sighting of a white elephant. Rare and treasured, the event prompted him to call together family, friends, and visitors to his land.

The King

Damn I look good.

The second King, Anna, and Captain Abuu Dabuu Ryan

My brother can't live forever.  Freaking little brats are gonna learn english or else...  C'mon, put up yer dukes, I dare ya, c'mon, c'mon.

Two Brothers

Hey brother, I have a drink I want you to try.



Playing the game

And these are the ONLY balls the king will get me to play with! Sticky wicky wicket what? He Shoots, he SCORES!!! He prays! My brother seems to think winning the game is a good thing. Uh  huh.

Classic Anna

OK... getting it right is downright painful.   I could've danced all night, I could have..  ooops, wrong script.

The Man and his wives.

Ah yes, number one wife, how does the rice taste?        Proof that my kingdom is heaven on earth.

Guarding the king and showing his moves.

I shall guard you all my life...   or until the Saki runs out.   Flame burning bright, provide warrior strength within.   Seegi hagah sew, bahsta doan ting gata!! Eanee Minee Moe!

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