Time marches on, noticed even by those who pay little heed to the passage of the years. It is not so much the change in the years that concerns the Fae folk, as much as the changes in the world. The mortals, forever seen as inconsequential to the scheme of the Greater Powers, have suddenly proven to be far more formidable than any of the Sidhe could ever imagine. In the blink of an eye, they have proven they can fly through the air, terrorizing even the sturdiest of Will-o-wisps. They now wield weapons that roar like a dragon and will not yield to the sturdiest of armour. Although the Fae folk are not the target of the mortals new found magic, all fear a day may come in which that might change.

In a world now fraught with turmoil and tension, both Seelie and Unseelie grow concerned enough to come together, an event not seen since before Elizabeth was Queen.  And as in days long past, even in the gravest of times, the fun and frivolity of the combined Courts, together as one, was an event to be remembered.

Titania and two fair Fae.

Oberon and his prankster.

Hey! Who invited Carmen Miranda?


And the award for best dressed goes to...

Make a comment about my black eyes, and I will give you one of your own!


Green means what?!? So that explains all the Sprouts!

Did you notice the strange looks we were getting?

Family Reunion.

Trouble in Training!

CLASS is in session.



Boy, this sword sure makes it easier to score.

Oh drat, I just can not get that hair to stay down..

We just can never seem to find a baby sitter for our li'l one!

Yu talkin' to me? I doan see anybody el... Oh, yeh, the Hobgoblin.



Tip toe, thru the tulips...

Look out Flatley! Here I come!

Can you say Xena spin off?


You put the right foot in, you pull the right foot out!

Which Queen do you suppose he is bowing to?
A Red Cap bows to his queen.




Come my Queen, I have a staff for you to play with!

Puck flees for safety.

I think I can call that a victory.

A Halo of Love shoruds the Monarchs of Faedom
Well met Titania!





Where did Oberon run off to?




OK, out with it. And keep it short... like your life.




Yes dear.

So, it's called Amway, and you look like the type...


Hey, pull my horn.


Caerwyn goes long.

Are THESE my birthday presents?
I love you dear Titania!


I doan wanna work...!


About time! The brains have arrived!


Oh YEAH baby! Check out the Queen's... wings, yeah wings. That's the ticket.

Like Posion Ivy, this plant sprouts dangerously.

4-Score, and 7 millennia ago.


Oberon really needs to get one a more modern lawn mower.


What exactly are we looking for?

Titania seeks to drag an Unseelie into the light.

Oooo Pretty light!

All it takes is a hot cat to turn a man into a real donkey.
 (Feel free to paraphrase.)


Oberon expresses his displeasure... again.


One more flash out of you and your skull will join my throne!


Sooner or later the King will let me stand.



Darn this mud. I just have to raise my dress higher I guess.




Oberon receives a gift of dead rats. Yummm.

Damn! Too drunk to hold your cup! Let me help.