All bow before me lest I send my minion to SMITE you!!!

 Do you know how to dance? Special Guest Appearance by Anne Boleyn! I thought we were gonna do the bunny hop.

I wonder if Jon has noticed my tatto and outfit match? I learned this in Combat Chiropractic training. Relax... We may be standing still, but when people see this picture, they will think we were dancing up a storm! Tigger, you need some help! This is how you do it. Dinty Moore will dance you more!!

You put your right foot in and you shake it all about.  OK, I am here, who do you want me to smite?  Talk about a dysfunctional family. Oh yeah, we ain't related.   

Angelina, look out! These lips got yours beat!

OK, first step, Bounce a graviton partic... Are you writing this down?