Upon the winds came a message of a gathering. Elven kind from far and near were to meet amongst the common folk and celebrate the change in seasons. Even the Dark Fae were invited, since none expected they would attend in the presence of so many mortals... Surprise!!!

The High Born                           A viewing with the Hostess.

Much to the dismay of the court, the open consumption of mortals was forbidden, yet still the fun ensued with the gathering of


As random as the thoughts of those short lived morsels... uh.. mortals, so are the images of the fun.  Oh.. aren't you the sweetest thing... hmm.. let's see how sweet you are!!   The Lord of the Branch and his Slyphs.   I like my new friend.   Oh yeah... I like your new friend too!   Are you lookin' at me? I don't see anyone else... You must be lookin' at me!   You were warned, bow your head or lose your head.   I better make a move before the tree besides me takes root!   Here Lizard,Lizard,Lizard.                        Ah, the delivery girl has brought our dinner!