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Disco Infernos

Random images, waiting for more.


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From other sources, we have...




These come those old fashioned picture devices.

No order, few comments, more later.


We, are the champions, my friend!   Now this will do what for me? 

I tot I saw a Putty tat!!   Uh.. Hic.. Good.. More!   DON'T.... even think about it.   Yah yah. Try and stop me!


Hi little skull, want some teeth?   I did.. I did see a Putty tat!   Yah babeee. I shagged her! I shagged her rotten!!!!


AAAGG!!! Where did these damned PEARLS come from?!?!

Awright ya big pussy. Up against the wall & Spread 'em!  Damn we look fine!  Oh eat me, puh-leez.    Fly Robin Fly.....  Babble babble <french word>babble murmur. (Think she is buying it?)    The streets are crawling with evil folk!
    Sing... Sing a song.. make it evil... to curse your whole life long.  Play that funky music ICE boy.  Hell, Hell, the gangs all here.  She may be an ice queen, but she has got the fire burning in my pants!  You may be burning baby, but I am ICE cold!  Please allow me to introduce myself...  I'm with them.



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