Life does not suck!

Day Two

Well, it began eventually. Take note, it begins at lunch! Which was at Nola's. A cool little dive owned by some guy who I am told is a pretty decent cook. The WEB site says walk-in's are limited, but they let us walk right in. Being well armed helped.

The food was pretty good.

       How Jodie and Chow... Feel lucky we were busy when they wanted to start filming.   OK, what is wrong with this picture?

The service was great!

Careful of the clams, they squirt white stuff all over the place.

And the bisque caused multiple orgasms for almost everybody.

Proper worship must be made to the Great Bisque before consumption.

A few of us stayed behind

What more could I ask for?                                                 J

We almost met the big guy. No luck there, but a few suitable substitutes filled in.

  Is this Emeril?  Emeril try number two. Still no luck, but the ladies were sweet on his sweets! 


Question. What else is N'Awlins known for, besides it's College of Bead Throwing? A rather long river with a rather long name. In order to properly check it out, we required some assistance.

But I never saw the good side of the city until I hitched a ride on the river boat Queen.

The Steamboat Natchez

OK, keeping it short... we had fun.

Bloody Mary Smorgasborg!  A view from above.  I just had a thought... wait, there's another one!!

You should be dancin', Dancin', DANCING!  Recruiting the young ones.  Daaance.. the night awaaay!

Why is he grinning so wickedly? Oh, thats his natural look.   Would somebody please ask me to dance. All danced out!  Anna and the Imhotep.

Looking dashing, darling, and downright good!  I'm singing in the rain.

Three so sweet, but just one for me.   Same sweet three, who is left for me?  HAH, HAH... hah.... Well, I thought it was funny.  Phreaking pheather plucker!

Mardi Gras America!

Shortly after we made it back to dry land, the digital camera failed the 'Drop!' test. OK, it was the third 'Drop!' test of the day, but it still failed! From this point on, the images are from that old fashioned technology that is just so negative!

That night, we got brave and walked the N'Awlin's streets with out wearing any pants!


There were two parades graced with our presence that night.

The Knights of Hermes. (No Website... sheez) &

The Krewe D'Etat

One rare bear

and one unhorsed Lieutenant later,

There's a story just waiting to be told.

And all we had to say was...

 AAAGG!!! Where did these damned PEARLS come from?!?!

Boy, these pearls sure look pretty compared to the other beads.


OK, the night ended in the hot tub, but you can go back to Page One if you want visuals of that place.

And another day was over.

At long last... Day 3!!!

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