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After Advanced Training in Venice, 15 stalwart folks took on the peril's of N'Awlins.


The flight to get there was shorter than last year, «whew»

Day 1: Getting There.

Slash prepares his eyes for the upcoming week.  Hmmm... Interesting  Mutley, The Mad Hatter ain't got NOTHING on me!!!

We tried to travel light. Tried being the operative word.

OK guys, we got our luggage. Where you gonna put yours? In and out of the Inn door, more times than you can count. Whose room is this?

Once we got settled in, we checked out the hotel,

Spitting Lions in the courtyard.  Take a good look, they won't look this normal for the rest of the week!

We made some new friends.

    And he claimed they were natural!   Hey Trisha... I saw... uh..her.. him.. THEM! I saw them first!!!

and checked out the town.

The most popular photo in N'Awlins.   Tricia tries to cast a spell on Steve. Too late, Bloody Mary has already won!   Anytime of year, you can find us hear jammin' away.

    And then it was time to get out of our clothes... and into our costumes!!

Now when we do Mardi Gras, we do it right! (spoke the Bourbon St. virgin)

The first night out, and we were swingin'!! Swing Kids was the theme, gathering beads was the theme!

Lucky Dog Takes on a whole new meaning in this place.   Check out the tu.. uh.. tatoo, yeah, tatoo on that lady!   Little ditty, 'bout Joe and Dah-ah-awn.    Gangsta Gals Looking Good.  

The parade was... well, to get it right, we need to pluralize that. PARADES!!!

The Knights of Babylon ,

The Knights of Chaos   ,

and the lovely Muses! !

We watched the parades. (You can find images for them anywhere.) Chanted with the tubas, and made new friends!

Is my toungue still blue?  I'll get you my pretty...  ..and I am a doggy, too!!  They call me Cuban Pete.

Then we let Mama's take care of us the rest of the evening.

      It is not what you see, but what is hidden that one should watch for.   I'm gonna rouge my knees.. and roll my stockin's down.. and ALL THAT JAZZ!!   Her name is Lola...   Swing, swing along, make it jazzy, to dance the whole night long!   When you see a guy, reach for stars in the sky!   Does anybody really know what time it is?

Of course, leaving Mama's at 2 am did not mean the night was over.

Hmm.. this tub looks bigger in the pictures.I think you are right, much bigger.So what? I got all the room I need.

Then day one ended.

If he keeps snoring I am gonna tape his mouth shut!

On to another day, move along li'l doh-ghee!

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