Under the guise of being good, the Unseelie arrive.

Can You Hear Me Now?   Where's Wagoner when you need good music?  

Me and you,a two man crew.   Doing the Faery strut, better than being King Tut!   What do you mean we can't park there?  OK, first you start at the jugular. 

Blast! I still need to crush three more pixies to get enough dust!  Heh heh... I dare any unseelie to do this?   Hmmm... I wonder if I can trade my wings in on this umbrella as a means of transport.

Look, the Beadmaster. Kill him!!!!   Regimental is a sexless word!   So ya think the wings are cute? Just wait til you go to sleep tonite!

Any good bodice watcher knows height is very important.

The Green Man does the russian quicktime.   Damn these little pixies keep getting under foot! I hate how they feel between the toes!   Oh pish posh you silly mortals.

Wait... I can see them in the mirror.. and it is day time. Damn, they are not Vamp's.   Ah.. shucks

I like the tall one, but his short friend really does something to me.    Ain't nothing like some good kibbles and bits!   Speechless struck be I from the queenly look of which is bestowed upon me.   Damn Paparazzi and their phreaking demonic soul stealers.

Beware fae maiden, a rose from a demon can betide no good meaning.   OK, we only lost one of our number. Not too bad with all those vicious children we had to deal with.