Day 2 in Venice.

The next morning began too soon, but in record time we were all ready for brunch at The Danieli

Victorian Roustabout  Kitty saves the day after a clumsy oaf tried to tear off Zannes dress.  Victor outstares the lion.  Looking up in the Daneli

It was a Victorian theme as we dined in the same rooms that had been graced by the presence of  Proust, Wagner, & Dickens.

  Time to dine.  A breakfast toast.     

The view from the Danelli

San Giorgio Island

Done with the deluxe Danieli, we took to the streets. Now, did I say it was Carnevale?

 What is Carnevale you ask. Can you say Mardi Gras? DELUXE! Some of the costumes being worn were worth more than I make in a month!!

Fly Robin Fly   Youse gotta dress right to be in this gang.   Give me my space!   How long do we have to stand here?  The bigger the hat, the bigger the headache. 

An incredible sight of some quite magnificent costumes and masks. Now we brought our costumes and a few masks, but we also bought some cool masks while we were there.

There is no more champagne left in Venice! You'll have to order more for the wedding!Stupid French, they must be sober!

But the most important part of that day was...

An evening that brings decadence to life!!

This was an incredible event set in a time that once and never was. Located at the Venetian Casino, this was a most memorable event. It began with a water taxi ride to the main event. Then we used the incredibly detailed map to find our way from the landing to the ball.

Entrance to Decadence.        

Once we found our way through the main doors, we made our way up the grand stairway, our path strewn with fresh rose petals, tossed before us by fair young maidens as we ascended to the ball room. At the top of the steps, we were stopped by a master at arms, who took our invitation and handed it to the heralds.

Fair maidens is putting it mildly!  Monsignor Slash en Madamoiselle Tracey  Look who's here. Hide the champagne!  Eleanor and a herald. He might want to pound more than the floor at this moment.

In a synchronized motion, they pounded their pole arms three times upon the floor and announced our arrival. And we did arrive in style!

 Dashing Slash and Vivacious Tracey   Elegance unbound!   Go and sin some more, and more, and more!   The image may be blurred, but the beauty shines through!!   There is no more champagne left in Venice! You'll have to order more for the wedding!  On the water, enroute to the Ball.

The ball was pricey, but I can truly say it lived up to all expectations and then some. Incredible pre dinner Hors d'Oeuvres, plenty of champagne for Victor to sample, and a very well dressed crowd.

The table was elegantly set, and the meal was incredible. Each and every dish from the first bite, to the last enjoyable nibble. Now admittedly some people had a problem with the way some of the dishes looked, but we all endured. Good food, good wine, great company!

Squiddly Diddly, this was quite the dish.      The Cardinal at the ball!  A new friend at Sospiri           

After the meal, we were provided entertainment, both in the banquet room, where we were framed,

    The picture may be blurry, but the memories ain't!      

to some fabulous dancing and shows in the main hall

    OI, it looks good, but can some one translate for me please?      

Now I almost have to assume our bride & groom to be were set up, as they were brought to the fore, fair Kitty was taken to the stage to stand amongst several sumptuous maidens, and Steve was blind folded before being allowed on the stage as well.

 You get to feel up a bunch of women to prove your love. Are you ready!?! 

Next, various parts of the fair maidens were exposed, arms, necks, knees, and legs. Poor Steve was forced to touch and caress each maiden upon the stage. (how he endured I do not know) But with each task he was forced to perform, and even with the most devious attempts of the hosts to hoodwink him, or groom to be knew what he was feeling, and each time he knew when it was Kitty that he was groping. After a resounding round of applause for the victorious Steve, another couple was brought to the stage, this one an older long married pair. He failed with the very first feel! Game over.  So even though Steve ended up being right time after time, their repeated efforts to dupe him were, uh, quite beneficial, as feel after feel, no matter who it was his hands touched, he always proved his love for Kitty! The things one most do to prove their love.

A short time later we all adjourned to the nether regions of the mansion. And then the party went into full gear. The music was turned up and the dancing began., dance, dance. (yowzah,yowzah,yowzah)  Your penance shall be the Cardinal Dance!!  Groan, I think I ate too much.     

There are more images of this incredible night that will be posted as soon as they are developed. Sadly, many of the digital ones came out blurred. So there will be a delay before any more get posted.


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