Another trip has passed. This time the invading force was considerably larger.


Look out Dr. Jekyll!


The blushing bride


In search of Sin.


I don't care what it costs, I want it ALL!


She knows Italy


Time to see the world


Resistance is futile


Were it not for friends like this


I won!! The most unprepared!


Ah yes, the little people.


A gentleman making scholars.


Look out Venice, you're mine now!


Awright! Bring 'em on!!


Calm, cool, refined.

Chris & Alyson

Katie & Eric

Not all trips start at the airport, but this one did.

Dulles Airport in Virginia.

Now I know I got my passport around here somewhere.   Am I stylish, or what?   HOW MANY HOURS did you say the FLIGHT was?!?!?   I call dibs on the window seat.

To FrankenFurter, Germany.

Whaddaya want?   Ah Germany. I have not been here in WEEKS!!!!   Best German couch I have ever slept on.

Finally, Venice! From there we had a boat ride from Marco Polo Airport. Eleven weary travelers were divided between two boats, with Eleanor, Leslie, Victor, Dave & Me. We had a sizable lead, when suddenly the other boat veered to the left. What was this we asked? Did their driver (skipper) know a short cut. With in moments we were deep in the heart of the City of Venice.

  We got a great view of Venice


But then we came to a stop, and we had to inform our driver that he had taken us to the wrong spot. So the boat heaved off the pier and the driver took the short cut to get us to our hotel. Some of those passage-ways were quite narrow, and our boat was not all that small.


    At Last we made it to open water, and shortly thereafter our hotel. The Savoia & Jolanda.

El Paron de Casa  And guaranteed waterproof on the first two floors.   

Day one was mainly travel recovery Some of us napped, other of us donned familiar costumes and set out to explore

"Anyone who isn't here sucks!"   Victor shows his appreciation for the first mask purchased.  In front of the Basillica

Zanne led the way in buying the first mask. Which brought Victor to his knees.

Speaking of knees. Kilts are not a common sight in Venice. The wearing of one seems to attract the most Fortunately Zanne was there to protect me from any unwanted advances.

And then we allowed the sites of Venice to overwhelm us!

Click the picture for a larger view, click the name for more info.

Sigh at night, sighs in the day... Sigh.

Ponte de Sospiri

El Paron de Casa

St. Mark's Basilica

Someplace else that looked kewl.


The back side of the bridge of Sighs

aka The Bridge of Sighs

The Basilica

Weathering time.

Palazzo Ducale

The Four Horses

 Info Pending

The Rialto Bridge

Dusk arrived 

An awesome sunset over this incredible city.

and finally we dined. I was too groggy to remember where, but it was a pleasant Italian Restaurant (go figure) near the Piazza San Marco. Revived with food, we wandered the darkened city a little longer.

Basillica Di San Marcos  The Bridge of Sighs 

But only for a little while, as the energy levels were still rather low. Soon, we bid one another good eve & crashed hard.

This image stolen from Ireland!

Onto the next day of Sinful delights.



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